Vision And Mission


Being a leading Commercial Bank in the region through competitive products and services with a wide network and managed professionally in order to encourage regional economic growth

Being the leading Commercial Bank in the region, capable to become a bank that is widely known by the people in Provinces of Maluku and North Maluku, can grow naturally and compete to create the good performance and financial ratios, with the implementation of risk management and good corporate governance in stages at all levels of the organization, implementation, oversee, evaluate and corrective measures in a comprehensive manner.

Products and services competitively, to become a well-known banks and leading, it needs to be supported by the product in the form of services and the best banking services to the community and local government through the banking products and services to compete with other bank products and services. Innovation of products and services carried out continuously by improving the quality of human resources in order to develop products and services that fit the needs of the community as well as improving customer satisfaction (service excellence).

Extensive network, has the ability to serve the needs of society at large, especially with the development of a network of offices and banking services to the level of districts that have the potential of business and economics.

Professionally managed, having reliable human resources supported with education and capacity building and ability through fit and proper test and risk management certification.

Provide contribution for the regional and society development, by increasing the role and function of intermediation to all regions of Maluku Province and North Maluku Province even to the District level which is considered potential from an economic and business perspective. 


Mobilizing and developing regional economic growth through optimization of intermediation function as well as an original source of regional revenue, which conduted by:

• Optimizing the role of intermediation, has optimal ability to raise and channel funds, as well as acting and running the financial inclusion program.

• Become a Strategic Partner for the Business, establish partnerships with actors in the productive sector of the business world, providing business solutions that are mutually beneficial and provide a comparative advantage over service bank products and services.

• Drivers for Society’s Economic Growth, providing extensive access service in banking service product that is able to meet people’s need and functioning as the trusted Education Partner, Consulting Partner and Business Partner to improve people’s welfare and living.

• Drivers of regional economic growth, providing banking services connected online, acting as the Local Government Partners in moving the regional economy up to the level of district potential and promote regional economic growth as well as being a source of regional revenue.

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